Maxillary Orthodontics and Orthopedics

Orthodontics is a science that studies, prevents, diagnoses and treats anomalies in form, position, relationship and function of the DentoMaxilloFacial structures; being its practice the art of preventing, diagnosing and correcting possible alterations and keeping them in an optimum health state and harmony, by using and controlling different types of forces.

Orthodontics has no age limit and is definitely the ideal treatment to correct dental malpositions which wear teeth out, as well as causing joint and aesthetic problems. In our clinic we work with the most advanced Orthodontics techniques which allow us to deliver faster treatments without the discomfort of traditional Orthodontics treatments.

Maxillary Orthopedics

Is the branch of dentistry which specializes in the care of children, the care of teeth at early ages, malocclusions treatments and more. Maxillary Orthopedics is done in order to prevent future functional and aesthetic problems. Our team includes specialized professionals in charge of diagnosing, preventing and treating jawbone deficiencies or growth excess.